Training on the rule of law for lawyers


Association Pro Refugiu implemented between 14 February 2024 and 14 March 2024 three training events for lawyers in the field of rule of law. These transnational events (lasting two days each) were implemented in the framework of the European project LighT: Litigating change – Training lawyers on the EU rule of law acquis, funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union.
The training events provided a comprehensive introduction to the rule of law in the European Union, and also covered advanced notions relating to the application of EU law, the main threats to the rule of law from outside and from within the judiciary, the consequence of non implementation of judgements of ECtHR and CJEU, and the recent case law on the rule of law.
The training sessions also included guidance and practical tips for preparing a defence strategy in anti-SLAPP cases and in cases involving vulnerable groups – minorities, persons with disabilities; there were exchanges of best practices, information and knowledge between participants from Member States (Romania, Greece, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria); and were presented methods of using modern electronic tools in actions associated with the defence of the rule of law.
Training package – EU rule of law acquis

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