raport rezultate sesiuni de training -data 29.11.2011

Report, project “Network for young refugees.Looking beyond the label”. The content of the report is available only in Romanian language.

Empower migrant women and promote reframing of gender-sensitive integration policies (POWERING)

support letters provided by :
Migration Directorate within Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria
City Council of PINTO (Madrid Region) Spain
Turkish Community Association in Baden Wurttemberg Germany
Women’s Organization (ETW) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Wurttemberg
Job Center Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, Germany
Differenza Donna, Italy

Migration Directorate Ministry of Interior Bulgaria-support letter
City Council Madrid-region-support letter
Turkish Community Association-Germany-support letter
Women Organization Germany-support letter
Job Center Stuttgart Germany -support letter
Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation – support letter
Differenza Donna Italy – support letter
BITCI-Ireland-support letter

Annual Activity Report 2019 Association Pro Refugiu
Annual Report 2019 Association Pro Refugiu