Study Visit in Romania


Study visit Romania

Association Pro Refugiu alongside its partners Caritas Prague Czech Republic and Human Rights League Slovakia implement between August 2013 and July 2015 the project Coaching-Innovative approach for better integration of refugees with the financial support of European Commission, Grundtvig Program, Learning Partnerships. Main objective is to improve the counselling and assistance services provided to refugees by strengthening professional capacities of specialists working in NGOs and institutions active in the field.

With the occasion of this project Association Pro Refugiu had organized in Romania a study visit between 13 and 14 November 2013 to which participated representatives from Caritas Prague and Human Rights League. Also at the meetings organized during the study visit were present representatives from ICAR Foundation and from the Department of Sociology and Social Work  Bucharest University. Participants from partners’ organizations had also the opportunity to visit the Reception and Accommodation Center for Asylum Seekers from Bucharest and to find relevant information concerning the reception conditions, integration programs for refugees in Romania as result of the discussions that took place with the specialized staff from the General Inspectorate for Immigration-Asylum Department. The study visit was a very good opportunity for Romanian, Czech, Slovakian specialists to interact and exchange good practices in relation to refugees’ assistance.


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