Monthly Archives: March 2014

Study Visit Czech Republic

Between 20–22 March 2014 a second study visit took place under the project Coaching-Innovative approach for better integration of refugees, Grundtvig Program – Learning Partnerships. It took place in Czech Republic and was organized by Caritas Prague.

A total number of 12 participants (trainers, learners) from Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia were actively involved.

With the occasion of the study visit participants visited a Reception Center for asylum seekers from Prague and also discussed in relation with the development of the coaching manual for refugees assistance. The manual represents one of the major project’s results intended to help professionals (social workers, psychologists) to become familiar with an alternative way of support for refugees by using coaching methods rather than the traditional counselling.

Caritas Prague through Mrs. Anna Zemkova (as trainer) had a detailed presentation with aspects related to life coaching for refugees.

Association Pro Refugiu developed through Mrs. Silvia Berbec and Gabriela Ionescu (as trainers) a presentation with the major chapters that coaching manual for refugees will contain. The presentations helped the learners that participated at the meeting to become more familiar with the concepts related to life coaching, trauma recovery coaching, intercultural and career coaching for refugees support.

The study visit was a good opportunity to identify best practices in relation with refugees assistance in Czech Republic which will be taken in consideration for the development of the coaching manual.

It was agreed by participants to continue the discussions related to coaching manual during the next study visit that will take place in Slovakia in April 2014.