About the project

Association Pro Refugiu is implementing between August 2013 –  July 2015 alongside its partners Caritas Prague Czech Republic and Human Rights League Slovakia the project Coaching-Innovative approach for better integration of refugees with the financial support of the European Commission, Grundtvig Program – Learning Partnerships.

Project’s objectives are to improve quality of counseling and assistance for refugees by strengthening professionals’ skills from NGOs and institutions that have as target group refugees and also to increase the transnational collaboration and exchange of best practices among specialists working with refugees in Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The most important activities that will be implemented on 2 years period of time will consist in: 3 study visits in Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia; development of project’s web page including an online forum; create a coaching manual presenting important methods that can be used  to provide support for refugees during their integration process; organize 3 seminars in order to  help professionals from NGOs and institutions to become familiar with coaching techniques and to use them in their regular work with the refugees.