Workshop and case conference in Romania


Between 10 – 11 October 2019, the Pro Refugiu Association organized in Bucharest a workshop and a case conference within the project JUSTICE FOR WOMEN – Towards a more effective rights protection and access to judicial procedures for victims of crimes implemented with the financial support of the Justice Programme of the European Union.

The multidisciplinary events brought together professionals from different fields of activity and from different regions of the country: judges, prosecutors, lawyers, social workers and psychologists within the General Directorates for Social Assistance and Child Protection.

These events aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the entire judicial process through which a woman – victim of crime can go through and how proper functioning of the network of legal services, assistance, and procedures can positively influence the results of the entire process. Also these events aimed to bring together professionals from different fields of activity and to encourage them to discuss the impact that interaction with victims has on them, to share experiences, to reflect on the work they perform, to learn and implement protective and stress management strategies.

D 4.1. Agenda workshop

D 4.2. Agenda case conference




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