Training for lawyers and magistrates in Bucharest, Romania


A training for Romanian and Bulgarian lawyers, prosecutors and judges was organized in Bucharest Romania (20 October 2017 – 21 October 2-017) as part of the transnational project Strengthening lawyers’ legal knowledge and cooperation with prosecutors and judges, to protect victims of human trafficking rights in the judicial proceedings, implemented with the financial support of the European Commission, the Justice Program JUST/2015/JTRA/AG/EJTR/8686. The organizer of the event was Association Pro Refugiu, coordinator of the project.

The main training objective consisted in deepening the legal knowledge of the Romanian and Bulgarian lawyers, prosecutors and judges to ensure a better rights protection for victims of human trafficking. A total number of 45 legal professionals (lawyers, prosecutors, judges and trainers) attended the event. The training benefited from the participation of experienced trainers from Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden. The training subjects consisted in: the rights of victims of human trafficking in the judicial proceedings (prosecution and court phases) in Romania and Bulgaria; financial compensation; trauma and its impact on victims’ capacity to be involved in the criminal trial; the German and Swedish anti-trafficking strategies and victims’ rights protection in the judicial proceedings.  The event had an interactive approach, all participants being actively involved. To ensure an interactive approach, the trainers used during the event plenary sessions, analyze of case studies, legal presentations, questions-answers sessions.

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